FlowGUI for Leadwerks

Hello fellow Leadwerkers,
FlowGUI is an easy to use Lua based GUI library for the Leadwerks engine 3. Easily create new buttons, checkboxes, sliders, radio buttons, labels and more.

Where to get it:
FlowGUI costs $10,- and you can purchase FlowGUI at aggrortutorials.com. Currently it is only available as a download. You can always access the files in your account after purchase. So no one-time-only download. Currently it is not possible for Leadwerks users to put up paid DLC's on the Steam workshop. If it ever will be possible to add DLC's there and I can send keys, then every one owning a license, will get a Steam key as well.

FlowGUI is a commercial product, however its license is pretty simple:
-Every purchased license is royalty free.
-You can use a FlowGUI license for as many projects as you desire, both for personal as commercial use.
-No mentioning of the use of FlowGUI or its maker is required. Although I would like to know it if you use use it. Posted Image
-When producing a game, the FlowGUI folder needs to be encrypted. This is build in to Leadwerks.
-Please do not resell FlowGUI, or parts of it, as a new GUI library.