An in-game console

After creating my Component based engine structure for my main project, I have now moved on to the next stage of development: an in-game console.

To sum up what you can do with it, here is a little video demonstration.

On the To-Do list
Although the core of the console is finished and working the way I want it to work, there are some slight improvements.

-Grapics are simple boxes at this point. I want to go for Valve's in-game console look , which looks simple but suits its purpose really well.
valve console
- Used command are stored and can be retrieved with arrow keys.
- Error message or help text should be displayed above the command line. Show a cursor.
- Adding useful commands, like toggle sound, sound volume, load level, set players health, ammo, armor etc.
- Trying to build the console as a library so that it can be easily included in other projects.