Look back at 2012

This year has been a pretty weird one when looking to game development.

Shadow Walker
It started really awesome. My team and I won the first place creating the game Shadow Walker. Although, looking utterly like crap, we did score a lot points purely with gameplay and mechanics. Simon and I were both very enthusiastic about redeveloping the game with XNA.
Simon would do the editor and I would do most parts of the game. In 1 single evening we managed to recreate practically 75% of the code that we had for the original game. Everything kindoff went downhill from thereon. I think the main reason was the struglle we had with resolution support for both Krypton, Farseer and XNA itself. The good news is, is that we still want to recreate the game. Only this time we will be using Unity.

The Leadwerks engine still has this magical atraction to it. I don't know what it is, I keep going back to using the engine. I do really like checking out Werkspace. The reason I like this forum so much is because programmers often create cool blogs on how they solve and how they make things. Especially the fact that with Leadwerks you have to do a lot of things yourself, it makes it really interessting and also very difficult to use. Ofcourse I am eagerly awaiting the release of Leadwerks 3. So lets hope it will be released soon.

Community project
The Leadwerks community project was a nice experience. Not only did I work with C++ (which makes me feel like a first class amateur), but also with a large team. (Approx 24 in the beginning). It has once again proven that documentation, communication and planning are the most important things within a teamproject. The end result after a few months is a little dissapointing from a gamers perspective, but from a developers perspective there are many things that I have learned. I am looking forward to future Community projects. I am not sure if I want to be project leader again. It takes a lot of time and you don't get to do as much programming.

I have been putting my Android project on the shelve severall times now. The last 2 months however have been very productive. I have everyhting working on Android (finally). I must have redesigned the game at least 12 times by now (not just code but also game structure). I have registered myself at the Chamber of Commerce and hope that everything will soon be ready for a public release on Google play.

I wish everyone a happy 2013!

Jorn aka Aggror