LECP Tech demo

The tech demo release date has been passed and an executable has been uploaded.
SVN , source control etc
SVN in combination with Google drive was a huge mistake. Files got lost or weren't correctly updated. Sometimes a commit occured without updating first.... I know that I made that mistake a couple of times. Also something that was a pain, was the sbx file deleting reference to models. This occurred when someone had edited the map, and then when someone else starting editing without having all the models from the asset drive, you would loose the reference from that object. With the newly edited map, all models placed would be gone. We did restrict level designing to the level designer, but in the last few weeks we all starting working on the level because of lack of time, team members no longer having time to work on their tasks etc. As for assembla and SVN. That worked quite well actually. I made the mistake to keep models separated because I thought we would reach the 1 GB limit of our Assembla storage. Yet we haven't even reached 400 MB. Google Code is a nice alternative. The only thing I disliked was having a project that was very far from even its pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha for the first tech demo.

Setbacks There have been a lot of setbacks (forum and bugzilla got hacked, members having no time work on it) and some of those were to be expected. Many of us heave their own projects or just simply don't have the spare time because of personal matters that are far more important.

Keeping the flow I still think that the most dangerous part of the entire project (or any other project) is keeping things flowing. There are times when you get demotivated due to lack of progress or problems with communications. Task planning, keeping track of what people are doing, staying organised, project management issues are a big challenge. Using Internal planning at the programming part could have been better, but that is so easy to say afterwards. I had no idea how simple it is to get lost, even when the project seems 'simple'. Still I am very proud on the team and their involvement. No matter what the task was and how much hours they spend on.

To be continued? This is an ongoing discussion at the lecp forum. There are many things that we learned about how to manage the project and how to set things up for a next time or when we continue. This goes for programming, planning as designing.

Feedback It is good to have feedback about the game. So I would like to thank everyone for trying out the game and leaving a comment.