Tower defense - Mutants - Dev 3

Bugs Since the last blog I have been spending most of my time trying to find and solve bugs. There is a nasty one which causes a memory error. But it is not always present in every single playthrough.

Firing I started working on the firing mechanism. That didn't go as smooth as I had hoped. Especially my particles looked really boring. After a couple of days, I decided to remove them for now. Bunkers, canons and Sniper tower can succesfully fire. Rotation and good particles are added later. The main point is that their firing mechanism works.

The sniper tower is the most peculiar of them all. I wanted to make a bullet trail and went for an unusual approach. I created a cylinder, which I align to the enemy that is locked. The cylinder gets stretched as long as the distance between the tower and the enemy. This doesn't work entirely correct but for now I am satisfied.

WaveManager The most important class is the Wave Manager. It stores all the enemies, time counters, waves and subwaves. Adding waves is fairly simple now: