Tower defense - Mutants - Dev 1

Tower defense games are my favorite casual games. The last few weeks I have been spending some free time on playing several of them. Steam had a lot of sales recently which gave me no choice but to buy them. Here are a few: Defense Grid: The awakening Orcs must die iBomber: Pacific

They are quite addictive and found myself buying a lot of available DLC´s.

Mutant Madness I want to build a simple tower defense game. That means: Build a tower on flat ground Tower shoots on enemy Enemy dies: you get money for a new tower If the enemy reaches your base, you base will get partially destroyed. You win the game by surviving all the waves.

You loose if your base is destroyed. There are many things that can be build to improve the simple basics of this game. However, experience has learned that I have to keep it simple. Trying to complete something with easy rules, is complex enough.

Todo On my current todo list: Building placement on flat terrain Simple GUI display Tower shooting Different enemies Steering behaviour