Sphere game - Dev 3

Although the final date of MAGIAM has been passed for over a week, I am still working eagerly on my sphere game. Now that there is a basic setup ready, things become more clear and I can focus on setting up more levels and some decent extra features. I have been getting some good feedback from werkspace members. Some are based on bugs (roads that were tearing open), others on gameplay (whats the use the jumper pickup?).

The road less travelled. The jumper pickup has the task of tempting the player to take an alternative route towards the finish. If used correctly, it can save out a lot of time. On the other hand: the risk of falling of the track is bigger. Since version 0.2 there are shortcuts added to the level design. Some are obvious and pretty straightforward but most of them are hidden. This way of "Indirect control" on the gameplay is a lot of fun to see developing. It was not my intention to add shortcuts to the trail. But then again neither was the concept of the level design as it is now.

All your database are belong to us. From the start of the development I wanted to have a online highscore board. I had never tried it before and this seemed like a nice oppurtunity. With the help of werkspace members and especially the help of Ziored, things started to work out as I hoped they would become. What I learned the hard was that there are multiple types of database servers. For a long time I had code in my game that seemed perfectly okay, but just didn't work. The code looked something like this: using System.Data.Sql; SqlCommand highscoreCommand = new SqlCommand("INSERT INTO `aggror1x_test`.`levelname` (`Name`, `Time`, `Attempts`) Values ('playerName', 'time', attempts')" , myConnection); I wasn't aware of the fact that Microsoft has its own SQL-server: Microsoft SQL. The server that I hire for my website, uses MySQL (opensource). And although they look a like in command syntax, there are tiny differences:

using MySql.; MySqlCommand highscoreCommand = new MySqlCommand("INSERT INTO `aggror1x_test`.`levelname` (`Name`, `Time`, `Attempts`) Values ('playerName', 'time','attempts')" , myConnection);

As you can see, the difference is small. Ziored has been a tremendous help on this and he is even helping with some awesome webservices stuff (that I have yet to discover how it works :D). Grazie mille, mio amico.

LE.NET and Rol-and Nope, without the ease of LE.NET and some personal help from Roland, the sphere game would have never been finished. Especially the callbacks gave me some trouble but Roland gave me the right advice. The blog about the workflow will follow soon. If you have questions or if you like to see some more detail on the source code, workflow or anything: let me know! :P Hail to the mushroom fairies!