Sphere game - Dev 2

Last 3 weeks have been a blast since I didn't have any access to internet at home. :S Reason for this is that I moved to a new appartment other students. Internet should be back somewhere during this week.

Back to MAGIAM. I didn't have too much time because of all the moving but I managed to set up some simple stuff. I wanted to release a demo, but since we are so close towards the end of MAGIAM I wondered if this is useful.

Pickups Like any other ballgame that is out there, Atmosphere is going to have pickups. The idea is that once the ball hits a pickup, the pickup becomes hidden for a couple of seconds. The pickup also sends a message to the ball saying what kind of pickup the ball just picked up. The ball then displays the correct Pickup GUI and lets you use a special abbility.

Using this approach was not immediately achieved. The approach itself on how to combine Lua with C# can have lots of different ways. Where would I use Lua and where would I use C#? This question kept me writing/drawing/planning for an hour or 2. I could have never imagined that there were so many possibilities for achieving what I wanted to achieve. In the end I settled for this approach:

Instead of loading a ballmodel I decided to just load the mesh and create a SphereBody. I did this to prevent the associated Lua script from loading. Since the ball class has so much coding in it, I thought it would be better for me to have it completely in C#.