On the road again - part 5

This is the final blog post for my game entry this tournament.

I am really happy the way the GUI came together in the end. UI really isn't my strongpoint so being able to produce something doable is a great reward.

Car physics
Although most car tracks can be finished with a car, it is not an easy task. The car tumbles over far to quickly. There is also a bug left were loading a new car level causes the car to glitch. Since I am reusing the same car here, I have no idea what is further causing this. I didn't have this in my first demo so there must be something on my end.
The ball's swept collision physics have been disabled. There is a bug where object with swept collision collide with each other even if one of those items has the collision type set to none.

Final version
Although I released a final version, there have been 4 or 5 updates already. But then again that is one of the common phrases in the IT world: you are never done programming.

Game Play Tournament
I think I want to organise a little game play tournament with On the road again. There will be a couple of pre-selected levels and the person with the highest score per track will get a steam key for a game.

All in all I am happy with the end result and I am looking forward to see that leaderboard fill up. I have also enabled the game analytics. I wonder what kind of conclusions we can draw from it.