Sphere game - dev 1

So I started with my own MAGIAM project: The Sphere.

I am gonna go for a stereotype ball game. Ofcourse there are many games out there that have this kind of gameplay, but that doesn't matter. There are enough ways for me to create some features that do not exist in other games like Ballance and/or Marble Blast, but basic gameplay is pretty much the same.

*Early idea testing

Controls The controls of the game are pretty straightforward:

mouse for camera rotation arrows/WASD for ballmovement space for jumping E / righ tmouse for special action

Gameplay and level design You control a ball from via a Third Person Perspective which already works pretty smooth. Every single level has some sort of challenge. Because I work together with Dreamhead we can create many varieties in gameplay. The types of gameplay that we might use: Timing levels. Get to the end before the time runs out. Reach the end point. Collect an amount of objects

The gameplay that supports these levels brings some diversity to the game. Here are some examples: Pickups (speedbooster, jumpbooster, timeStopper, ballMass increaser/decreaser Agility (moving around on narrow edges and jumping on high but small platforms) Materials for platforms (stone, dirt, ice etc.) Materials for the ball (Stone, Ice, color etc.)

There are lots of really cool ideas which are going to make the game pretty awesome, but we are going to keep those to ourselves. We don't want to spoil all the fun right away right! Next week I will post a little demo.

Ceya all at the next blog.