On the road again - part 2

Here I thought that I would be done with my entry in no time. Finetuning everything turned out to be a pain to be honest. Luckily the GUI was set up rather quickly and most of the game state switching worked almost instantly.

Tired of the tires
The real time consumers came when suddenly my tires wouldn't update with the vehicle. Spend a good time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, but eventually just decided to leave it until the very end.

I added Josh's new analytics api to the game to see what kind of information I would be getting. So far I can see the kind of seeds people are using and how often levels are reset. I guess it will be really interesting after a couple of people have actually played the game.

Again I got stuck here far longer than I had anticipated. For some reason the highscores get updated with a new value. Meaning, that no matter your track time, the highscore table will always be set by it. I can do it manually, but it should happen automatically. Another downside is that I can't do any querying on which seeds were popular overall or last week. I would love to add that to the game as that is really what would make this game so powerful. Unfortunately, there are no means for me to do this right away.

Game player
The game has been uploaded to the game player now. Everyone can try it out and fill in a random number to get a unique track. The seed number should give people an identical track though. Looking forward to seeing some results. That way I can also finalise the highscore leaderboard after you reach the finish. There are plenty of bugs, missing features and graphical incompletions, but important is getting those highscores from other players right now.

When you are racing, you can WASD for car movement and your mouse for the camera. Use R to reset the level. When you have finished the level you can either reset or go back to main menu.

If you could try it out with seeds '1337' and '1234', that be great.