My Lord - Carrying resources

After 7 months of absense from my game project I started working on some new features. The first one is that villagers will be having a visible model of the resource that they are carrying.
Nothing to exiting there, but it does add to the visual completeness of the game. It is really satisfying to see a woodcutter bring home a log after cutting down a tree in the forrest. Also when a building is being build, it is fun to see vilagers moving to and from the stockpile with all sorts of resources.

Something I have been looking forward to was the display of resources in the stockpile. Since resources can be stacked differently on the stockpile I made stocksettings for every resources type. Defining the amount of the grid and even the rotation on alternating layers makes the stockpile feel more alive.

For now we have 5 types of raw building resources: - logs - planks - clay - stone - iron