C# API controllers

The past 2 months I have spending some more time in C# again. It was a welcome change from the JavaScript I used the months before. The task I had was a big one for me. However I learned a lot from it.
One of the bigger learning points was making an API using API controllers. Those controllers on themselves are not that complicated to understand, as a matter of fact they make making an API quite easy.

However, making the API available throught the workflow with the internal software and webservices was a bigger challenge. Afterwards I am glad to have had the oppurtunity to work with this though as I really feel that I have learned a bit more about C# and the dotnet environment.

Another thing that I was really looking forward to was Unit testing in C#. I had done some unit testing when I just started at Visma, but was put in the background since I was working with JavaScript for about 4 months. Howeve, with these tasks in C#, I have spend a good amount of time making unit tests. And although there are tons of new concepts that I have yet to grasp, I feel wiser non the less. Repetition/practicing these tasks surely helped in getting better at making unit tests.