New job as Software developer

I got a new job as Junior Software Developer at Visma Software. Visma is a large company that mostly active in the Scandinavian area, but is also getting more respresentation in other European countries. The devision I work for is Visma Amsterdam which focusses on various software packages like AccountView.

Visma logo

All my work will take place C#, .Net, and JavaScript. I am really excited to get started and in the first 2 weeks a I've already encountered concepts that I have been unfamiliar with in previous programming tasks. For instance, I have never really worked with any unit tests. I have heard of them many times, but never did any work with them. Also new to me is the concept of 'mocking' and Interface resolving. The Moq framework as wel as Dependency Injection Containers are some of the new topics I have been looking in to.

The Javascript exists out of plain JavaScript, jQuery and Backbone.